LUNA Price Prediction 2022: LUNA will disappear?

Our Editors’ Prediction for LUNA price in 2022: $0.000001837

All right guys so this will be a quick update for luna ust usdt current situation guys a lot of people are currently talking about that and yeah um very exciting news are just coming out right now guys you can see it right here on coindesk luna foundation of it officially um stewards of terrace bitcoin reserves released a statement on monday documenting how it uh dispersed millions of dollars worth of crypto and

Its failed attempt to maintain the pack of stable stablecoin terra usd ust uh in the statement lfg notes that it’s bitcoin reserves had the dinner almost done from around 80 000 bitcoins guys they sold around 80 000 bitcoins in the last nine days or so to approximately 300 so they are holding right now only about yeah 313 bitcoins 40 000 bnb 1.9 million avec’s 1.8 billion ust

And 220 million luna which is current of which 221 million is currently staked with validators lfg uh says that funds will be used to compensate remaining us of our users of ust smallest holders first um reserve funds which were supposed to belong to the centralized terror community were held anyways guys so the problem is right now um

The news just came out i think today or yesterday i don’t know but you can see it right now on the current price on ust usdt guys it is currently falling down from 15 cents to about seven cents that’s definitely a problem guys luna is only holding about 300 bitcoins right now from 80 000 they just sold about 80 or 81 000 bitcoins in the last nine days you can definitely also see it on the current price on ust usdt guys first of all make sure to

Subscribe smash up the like button leave a comment down below guys if you want to be updated about luna turn on notifications button that also let me know down below in the comments if you’re still someone who’s holding luna and if you’re um anticipating that luna will uh recover from these losses right here so i have to be honest with you guys i already told you one of my last videos right now it’s definitely a gamble to trade luna it is very

Important that you have to understand um that if you’re putting let’s say right now at this area around 1 000 or so of course you could make about five hundred percent or so guys but i don’t think that long term luna is able to recover guys the problem is right now like i said the uh the um ust usdt situation is definitely bad luna is also going down right now from this area right here from this previous high around 0.0004

To approximately 0.0002 and i think luna will most likely just continue to bleed out right here to approximately zero cents over the next couple of months guys like i said if you still want to trade it and if you still want to take the risk always try to have a good risk management because you are taking a lot of risk guys if you want to trade bitcoin or other altcoins if you want to take short or long trades on bitcoin or

Other all coins guys i’m expecting a lot of volatility over the next days make sure to do it on by bit i have also an exclusive 4 500 bonus down below my description and buy but guys all all you have to do is just to use my link sign up it takes only about 20 seconds then after you initially post you can always make sure to withdraw your money back again into your wallet if you’re profitable with trading guys if you want to know how i’m trading my altcoins

Check out my patreon also down below my description and in the pinned comments but yeah guys all i want to say right now is that you should definitely be careful at this point guys there is a lot of risk involved especially right now let’s say if you put if you put in let’s say one thousand dollars right here at this area and you’re just speculating that tuna will go up about 500 percent you have always to take in consideration that you could lose 100 of

Your whole investment in the next couple of weeks guys don’t get emotional don’t think that luna is very cheap right now um if you’re looking at this point guys at the current um market cap on luna let’s check it out real quick yeah the market cap is definitely too high 1.5 billion dollars right now supply is also very high guys and um i don’t know some people actually still bullish as

You can see right here some people are still uh trying to tell you luna here’s the proof the burning has been started load your bags guys always do your own research it is definitely a risk right now like i said this one could definitely go up easily one thousand percent but also on the other hand we could also easily go down about 100 especially already in the next couple of days or a couple of weeks guys so just make sure to be careful and like i said

If you’re just looking on the ust ustt um situation right now it’s definitely not looking good it is currently around seven or eight cents guys all right so always do your own research always try to take your own decisions don’t uh listen to nobody guys and yeah with that being said like i said guys if you want if you want to be updated about luna every day let me know down below in the comments also make sure to subscribe smash up the like button leave a comment

Down below guys if you’re still believing in luna and if you think that luna will recover sooner or later and if you are going back again to about ten dollars also all right and yeah guys thank you all for tuning in and see you for another update on luna best guys bye bye [Music] bye