Privacy Agreement Privacy agreement

1. Scope of Application

  • (1)When you register your account with COINBIG or use your account with COINBIG, you shall provide personal registration information in accordance with the requirements of COINBIG, including but not limited to your identity card information.
  • (2)When you use the services offered by COINBIG, or visit COINBIG, COINBIG will automatically receive and record the server information of your web browser, including but not limited to the IP address and records on the web pages that you request to access.
  • (3) The relevant data collected by COINBIG in connection with your transactions on COINBIG, including but not limited to transaction records.
  • (4)Other personal information of yours legally obtained by COINBIG.

2. Use of Information

  • COINBIG will not sell or lend your personal information to any other person unless your permission is obtained in advance. COINBIG also does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or gratuitously spread your personal information in any manner whatsoever.

3. Information Protection

  • COINBIG shall keep confidential the customer identity information and transaction information that it obtains, and shall not provide any entity or individual with customer identification information or transaction information, except where any of the applicable laws, regulations, decrees, entrustments, etc., of relevant sovereign states or regions requires COINBIG to provide such information.
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